Dubrovnik Bans Wheeled Suitcases in a Bid to Tackle Tourism Noise

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The mayor of the city of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, has decided to ban wheeled suitcases due to the noise they make in the streets of this old city.

This means that from this summer, all wheeled suitcases will be carried not rolled, in this city.

In addition, starting in November, compulsory lockers will be put in place by the municipality at several points in this city where it will be banned to travel with luggage. This measure comes as part of the “Respect the City” program, introduced by the Dubrovnik Tourist Office.

Dubrovnik is among the most famous destination for tourists not only in Croatia but also in Europe.

Dubrovnik authorities have also proposed several restrictions as part of efforts to further help the development of the tourism sector and curb rowdy tourist.

Recently, the UK’s Foreign Office updated its travel advice for Croatia in order to reflect the rule changes which also take into account bans on sleeping in public areas, urinating in public spaces, climbing on top of monuments, drinking alcohol near protected public spaces like schools.

“These include fighting, verbal abuse and drunken behaviour. Most towns have signage to advise about actions that are prohibited by local law. Take notice of your surroundings, including signage, and seek local advice. Drug-related offences are punishable with fines and jail sentences,” the statement reads.

Residents have complained about noise pollution when tourists drag their suitcases around the city’s famed stone-paved and cobbled streets, raging that the act keeps them up at night.

The ban is part of a bigger plan to stop tourists from carrying any suitcases in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik continues to remain high on the travel list for tourists with The Dubrovnik Times reporting since the beginning of the year, the city recorded 289,000 arrivals and 763,500 overnight stays, which is 32 percent more than the same period in 2022.

Meanwhile, tourists have also been urged not to walk pets without a lead, not to climb on monuments or to walk around without wearing a shirt, as a way to show “respect” to the city.

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