Editor Perspectives –  13th May 2018

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Illum’s editorial refers to the changes that are expected to be announed in the law governing rents. The editorial welcomes the fact that the cabinet has approved the White Paper which deals with private rent laws and which now will kick off a national debate on the matter. The editorial argues that it hopes that the White Paper and its approval, will be the first step in the continuous effort to eradicate poverty.

 Protezzjoni u mhux tkeċċija f’mard terminali, is the title of It-Torċa’s editorial which takes the cue from the leading story on its frontpage. The editor highlights the need of compassion, protecion and support when someone gets terminally ill, rather than being fired. The newspaper’s leader refers to the need that our laws are amended to reflect the protection required in this regards.

The Sunday Times Editorial entitled Becoming comfortably numb analysis the current political scenario, and argues that “Malta is currently passing through a schizophrenic period in its public life. On the one hand, th economy is surging ahead and on the other hand, the Daphne Project is uncovering increasingly serious evidence of systematic corruption in high places.” The editorial questions why, there is no national outrage, no police investigations and no political price. It concludes that the country will pay a bitter price for this folly.

The editorial of MaltaToday comments about the fact that Malta is under unprecedented international press scrutiny since the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and inevitably, part of this scrutinising has focused on press freedoms. The editorial argues that while some of this criticism might have been exaggerated, there can be no denying that Maltese journalism is indeed under threat in some respects, particularly in the SLAPP issue. It states that Government has an obligation to defend free press.  

The editorial of The Malta Independent refers to the latest EuroStat data about the CO2 emissions. The editorial refers to the incongruous situation where a country that has switched over to import energy through an inter-connector and a change its generation from heavy fuel oil to gas, it still has an increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

Il-Mument’s editorial refers to the General Council of the Nationalist Party. Entitled <<Il-Partit Nazzjonalista b’messaġġ ċar>> argues that six months since the election of the new leadership within the party, there was a lot of work related to renewal. This renewal was based on being close to the people and reflecting what the people want. The editorial argues as well that through this exercise, it wants to position itself as the party which is leading the way towards the future of the country.

Il-Kullħadd’s editorial is called <<Eċċezzjonali>>. The editorial focuses on the comment given by the International Monetary Fund, which described the way Malta has led the way in the adopting new technologies, such as block chain as exceptional.




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