Editor Perspectives – 8th May 2018

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The Malta Independent  editorial entitled <<Might be difficult to work>> focuses on the issue of waste collection. In the editorial, we read that “many previous ministers, of both persuasions, have been kicking the can downwards for many, many years. Now, it seems, we may be getting to tackle the waste problem. We say we may be getting to tackle the problem because we have to wait and see the results of the actual implementation. More about this later.” It adds that “The first step is to tackle the huge plastic waste which threatens to engulf us and to render inhospitable our seas.There must be a gradual increase in enforcement leading to fines and more penalties.” The editorial concludes that “Malta is the country that landfills the most-high percentage of its waste. For far too long we have stayed apathetic while we allowed Malta’s highest mountain, the Maghtab landfill, to grow higher. We have now reached the outer limit. If for no other reason, we must act. Fast.”

The Times editorial focuses on the proposals announced by the MDA regards building contractors. In the editorial entitled << Reining in building contractors>> we read that “There is no harm for Mr Chetcuti, who is the president of Malta Developers Association, to try to bring errant contractors under some sort of control, but few believe they can be tamed.” It adds that “the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, sounded a bit naïve when he described the proposal as a breakthrough, when it has not even been launched. Or he may have simply wished to humour the contractors. After all, his government has been pandering to their lobby quite openly.” The editor concludes “Mr Chetcuti must have raised quite a few eyebrows when he said that developers were not interested in turning Malta into a construction site. Malta already is a construction site, and if the building frenzy keeps going at this rate, more parts of the island will be turned into a veritable concrete jungle. Much of Malta’s past has already been lost. Is it not time to consider some moderation? “

The editorial of In-Nazzjon entitled <<Ġurnaliżmu rebbieġħ bis-sewwa f’każi kbar ħafna>> refers to the awards received by the journalists of Media.Link communications, which through NET Tv and In-Nazzjon, stories which focused on the revelations of the truth were awarded.

L-Orizzont’s  editorial is entitled <<Ħtieġa ta’ infurzar bis-serjta>>. In the editorial, we read about the need of enforcement, especially that summer is round the corner. The notion of enforcement mentioned in the editorial goes beyond issues which are specifically linked to summer, but also relates to issued pertaining to traffic. It adds that enforcement is needed and that the responsibility to follow the rules of everyone.

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