Editor Perspectives – 9th May 2018

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The Maltese language, the national broadcaster, the voluntary sector, the Nationalist Party’s future and Fibromyalgia are the themes of today’s newspaper editors’ perspectives.


In-Nazzjon’s editor dedicates the editorial to the Maltese language. Entitled <<Ilsien li jgħaqqadna>> the editorial focuses on the fact that despite the many divisionary elements in Malta, the Maltese language is important for the sake of unity. It also argues about the importance of keeping the relevance of our national language and its tutoring.

The Malta Independent’s editorial, focuses on the national broadcaster. The editorial <<A case of gatekeeping>> argues that even if in every legislature, the party in opposition complains of bias in favour of the government on the Public Broadastin Services, ‘what has taken place over the past few years since the Labour Party has been in government – is a direct affront to the people who are paying their tazes to sustain what should be a public service.’ The editorial argues that “the way PBS is reporting the revelations made by a consortium of news outlets who have followed up stories that were being investigated by Daphne Caruana Galizia would be described as amateurish. The editorial goes on saying what is strange is that the Naitonalist Party is keeping its mouth shut on this situation. “But then again, the PN is staying silent on many other things, not only PBS.

L-Orizzont’s  editorial is about Fibromalgia. <<Il-karba tat-tbatija fis-skiet>>, focuses about the suffering of those who have this illness, suffering that often is carried in solitude and silence.

<<Delia needs to outline a vision>>, is the editorial of MaltaToday. In the editorial, the newspaper focuses on the fact that the current General Council, is the first since Adrian Delia took over the leadership of the Party. It argues ‘it is hoped that Delia and his team have worked out a strategy on how to take the party’s reins fully in their own hands.” It adds that one hopes that when the conference is over, the PN will emerge as one united party, with a clear vision, mission and narrative: if not for its own good, at least for that of the Maltese democracy as a whole.

The editorial of The Times focuses on << Voluntary organisations>>. The editorial comments about the departure of Professor Wain from the role of Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. It argues “it is remarkable in hindsight that Professor Wain stayed at his post for so long given the difficulties he encountered. These included the chronic shortages in manpower support, which his last report referred to as “at crisis level”. Rather like the Superintendent for Cultural Heritage over the same period, he had been starved of the necessary administrative and manpower support to fulfil his role properly. Professor Wain’s departure will be sorely missed.”



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