Election denier in Michigan loses bid to run 2024 vote in state

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Voters in the key election battleground of Michigan on Tuesday rejected a Republican candidate vying to run the 2024 presidential election in their state who backed former President Donald Trump’s false claims that he won in 2020.

Kristina Karamo was beaten by Democratic candidate Jocelyn Benson in the race to be Michigan’s secretary of state, Edison Research projected.

Republican “election deniers” were also on the ballot for secretary of state in Arizona and Nevada, but both races are yet to be called.

Democratic President Joe Biden narrowly won Michigan, Arizona and Nevada in 2020 and Trump and his allies have falsely claimed that the results were fraudulent.

Voting rights groups and constitutional scholars worry that any secretary of state who believes the Trump fraud claims could try to dispute or ignore the popular vote at the presidential election in 2024, refuse to certify the result, or even claim the losing candidate actually won their state.

Karamo soared to prominence when she claimed in 2020 that she had witnessed fraud at Detroit’s absentee counting board as a poll observer. No evidence has ever emerged supporting those claims.

via Reuters

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