Official: Dr Bernard Grech elected PN Leader with 69.3% of the votes – Updated

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Update 2311h – Dr Bernard Grech was elected as the PN leader with 12,663 votes (69.3%). Incumbent Adrian Delia garnered 5.622 votes (30.7%).  77 votes were invalid. quotes outgoing leader Adrian Delia saying that all the party members who have voted believe in the democratic process. It was a flawless election said Delia. “I do not believe I have lost but today the PN has won” – Adrian Delia. During the press conference, Adrian Delia said that he will remain loyal towards the PN and he will show his loyalty towards his leader. Delia stated that he will remain within the PN to make sure that the PN remains the people’s party. “I will make sure that all that I have experienced during the past 3 years will not be faced by the new leader.”

On a Facebook post, Dr Grech also claimed victory, stating that Saturday’s result was the first of a series of steps to unite and transform the party.

Grech confirmed the result in comments he gave soon after the indications were confirmed. In his speech, Dr Grech thanked all those who formed part of his team and those who will be joining the team to make the PN a force to reckon with, in the interests of the country.

A MISCO opinion poll conducted among 400 randomly selected members of the Nationalist Party demonstrates a clear preference for Bernard Grech over Adrian Delia. Almost two-thirds of the respondents preferred Grech. Also while with Delia at the helm three-quarters of respondents felt that the PN would lose the next election, a significantly lower 44% felt that this was the future under Bernard Grech’s leadership. The poll was conducted between Friday 7th August in the afternoon and Saturday 8th August in the morning, that is after it became evident that the race for the post of leader of the Nationalist Party had become a two-horse race between Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia. To the question: “If you had to make a choice between Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech to be the next leader of the Nationalist Party, who would you choose?”, 63% state that they would choose Bernard Grech, 17% stated that they would choose Adrian Delia and 20% did not state their choice.

Update 2000: Initial indications of the counting process underway at the PN HQ show that Dr Bernard Grech has been elected as Leader of the Nationalist Party. Newsbook.Com.MT

Sources close to the electoral process indicated that sampling during counting indicate a 66% support from those who voted in this election. Even the Nationalist Party Media has indicated that the result is in favour of Bernard Grech.

Update 1919 – After a lengthy months-long process, the PN will choose its leader today with paid-up members voting between 8am and 4pm in Malta, and between 8am and 2pm in Gozo.

The party’s electoral commission said nine per cent of its 21,499 paid-up members eligible to vote in the leadership election had cast their ballots on Saturday, when polls closed.  This means that around 3,200 members did not cast their votes in the race between incumbent Adrian Delia and challenger Bernard Grech. 

Incumbent leader Adrian Delia is facing off with Bernard Grech. A result is expected late in the evening, the culmination of a troubled year for the party in Opposition.

MaltaToday reports that the turnout was far better than the last election in 2017 when Delia was elected, with a turnout of 76.2%, adding that the highest turnouts were in Swieqi (89.04%), Ta’ Xbiex (87.98%), and Gozo (87.84%). Lowest turnouts were in Zurrieq (81.88%), Valletta (82.91%), and Luqa (82.11%).

Voting came to an end at 1600h of Saturday. Voting booths opened on Friday and Saturday last week, and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Until Friday, 76 per cent of the members had cast their preferences.

The Times reports that counting will only start when all ballot boxes arrive. After reconciliation and sorting, the ballot papers will be placed in the two contenders’ pigeonholes and counted. The winner is likely to be announced after 10pm. said that a Press Conference will be held by the Nationalist Party at 1900h, at that time the General Convention will come to an end. At 1400h the total turnout was 82%.

Both leaders voted on Saturday.

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