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Emergency Fund for Voluntary Organisations extended

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The Covid-19 pandemic led to exceptional circumstances for voluntary organisations to keep up their work. In order to support these organisations through this difficult time,

Parliamentary Secretary for Sports, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima announced the extension of the emergency fund for Voluntary Organisations, amounting to €150,000. 

This extension of the fund was announced in Palazzo Falson, which is managed Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, a voluntary organisation aimed at disseminating information and creating awareness on our country’s heritage. 

While thanking volunteers for their indespensable work, Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima stated that more than 125 voluntary organisations have already benefitted from the first stage of this fund.

“This aid comes to show how the government holds voluntary organisations close to its heart, even in the challenging times we’re living in.

Wholeheartedly, and in the name of all Maltese and Gozitans, I would like to thank volunteers for their acts of kindness. It is in such moments that the nation’s unity and generosity, this country is known for, stand out”, stated Parliamentary Secretary Grima.

The CEO of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector Mauro Pace Parascandalo stated that the voluntary sector showed how whenever needed, it stands up to any challenge and serves its duty in the community in the best and most innovative way possible. Albeit, this sector needs to be sustained in order to be able to be of service in the sectors it operates in, as it is the aim of these funds. 

The curator of this museum Caroline Tonna stated that thanks to this fund, the FPM could continue leading these different aspects of Maltese cultural heritage. She explained that Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti organises several high-qualiy exhibitions on collections pertaining to the Maltese culture, publications which honour the Maltese patrimony and the management of a historical house which is now a museum, Palazzo Falson in Mdina.

The Maltese Heritage Foundation manages one of the oldest buildings in Malta, Palazzo Falson. The place boasts old architecture, with some parts dating back to 800 years ago, and was used as a private home till 1962 by Capitan Olof Gollcher. The palace is decorated with Gollcher’s collections, which he donated as cultural heritage to be enjoyed by the Maltese and forieginers who visit this palace. 

This fund is administered by the Malta Council for the Voluntary sector in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations. Applications can be filled in and submitted online on More information may be found on the official Facebook page and on 

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