Italy prepares to go back to school

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Tomorrow, over 5.6 million Italian pupils will resume classes as schools re-open in the pandemic stricken peninsula.

In total, if one counts the regions where the school has already opened and the other regions where it will restart on September 24, over 8.3 million students will be returning to school this year.

7,507,484 will get their education in state institutions.

Premier Giuseppe Conte said in a Facebook message for the start of the school said, “Monday we go back to school. It will be a moment of intense emotion. It is an emotion that I will also experience as the head of a government that is committed to returning to safety but also as a father “.

‘There will be difficulties, inconveniences, especially at the beginning. You will have to do your part, you have to commit yourself to respect the rules of caution that will allow you to protect your health and the health of the people you love and who love you. The education system also suffers from structural shortcomings that we have been carrying on for years, aggravated by the current pandemic.

Greetings to the teachers: you have made an extraordinary effort in these months of lockdown by continuing to teach with distance learning, it was not easy at all and yet you have done a great job and for this we are grateful.

I also thank the families, the mothers, the fathers who have made many sacrifices.

Thanks also to the managers and all the staff of the school: in these summer months you have not stopped for a moment, you have worked hard to be ready for the reopening. We will be with you all, we will be by your side and will continue to be so in the coming days and months “.

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