29-year-old dies in another construction site incident / Malta News Briefing – Wednesday 14 September 2022

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Updated 1615 – Afternoon Briefing

The Times of Malta reports that a man has tragically lost his life in yet another construction site accident, this time in Gozo. Luca Curmi, 29, becomes sixth construction-related death of 2022.

Maltatoday says that an inquiry has been launched into anonymous threats Magistrate Nadine Lia received by mail. Magistrate Nadine Lia, the daughter-in-law of Joseph Muscat’s lawyer, has refused to recuse herself from challenge proceedings by NGO Repubblika over the Pilatus Bank inquiry.

Newsbook reveals that Prime Minister Robert Abela and his wife Lydia have submitted a planning application to demolish the ODZ villa in Żejtun they controversially bought in 2017 just three months after irregularities were sanctioned by the Planning Authority. 

TVM says that during 2020, Malta was second-placed in Europe in terms of newly graduated doctors. Figures released by the World Health Organisation show that about 32 doctors for every 100,000 persons graduated during 2020.

Updated 1145 – Mid-Day Briefing

Support vulnerable people in upcoming Budget – Former FinMin: People at the bottom of the income ladder should get more financial aid according to Central Bank governor Edward Scicluna said. Asked whether this would mean reducing financial aid to richer people, he said the government could still give something to everyone but should give more to “those at the bottom”. He also expressed full confidence in his successor, Clyde Caruana. Government is expected announce a pre-budget document this Friday which will set the economic scene for the upcoming budget. (Times of Malta)

EU wants Malta to fiscally discourage landfilling: In view of its dismal track record which has seen the percentage of landfilled waste increase rather then decrease in the past years, Malta is once being urged by the European Commission to introduce a ‘fiscal mechanism’ to discourage the landfilling of waste.The proposal is made in the latest Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) issued by the commission’s Directorate General for the Environment. It comes in the wake of an increase in the amount of waste that was landfilled between 2017 and 2019. (Maltatoday)

Prioritise saving life – Peace and Justice Commission: The Justice and Peace Commission within the Curia has urged Malta’s authorities and politicians to prioritise the saving of lives and refrain from using language that fans the flames of indifference, following the death of a four-year-old girl who tragically lost her life in Malta’s Search and Rescue Area. Since January, more than 1,000 asylum-seekers have lost their lives in the Mediterranean, it said. “And yet, these near-daily tragedies do not always make headlines”. (The Malta Independent)

Morning Briefing

Enemalta gets €120m to keep energy prices stable

Government has pumped close to €120 million during the first seven months of the year, Enemalta CEO Jonathan Cardona said. Speaking to The Times of Malta, Cardona said the decision had been taken to pay Enemalta directly for the rising energy costs, rather than raise prices and then offer vouchers to consumers. “Seeing that there is one supplier in Malta, it was much easier for the government to pay the money to Enemalta for bills not to rise.” The energy company CEO also revealed the rising cost of buying energy from the interconnector has not impacted plans to build a second permanent energy link with Sicily.

Three Summer months register temperatures 7.0°C higher than norm

The meteorological summer brought air temperatures that ranged between a nighttime minimum of 17.2°C recorded in June and a daytime maximum of 39.2°C reached halfway through August. Having averaged at 27.9°C, the air temperature for summer was 1.7°C higher than the seasonal climate norm. All three summer months recorded maximum air temperatures that were over 7.0°C higher than their respective monthly norms. At 38.0°C, last June’s maximum air temperature was 9.2°C higher than the norm but did not topple the month’s record of 41.5°C reached in 2021. The month’s temperature peaked towards the beginning of last summer’s only heatwave, which stretched between June 23 and 28 as an area of high pressure persisted over the central Mediterranean.

Maltese public services places third among European countries

Four out of five Maltese citizens are satisfied with the Malta Public Service. This resulted from a Eurobarometer survey published by the European Commission in which our country placed third in relation to the provision of public services. Asked about their level of satisfaction with the provision of public services, 79% of Maltese people replied they are happy and that the services are being provided well. This is 27% higher than the European average. In the same survey, Maltese respondents trusted the Maltese Public Service more than their European counterparts, 17% more than the European average. Malta places fourth in this classification.

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