Erdogan and Putin call for Libyan ceasefire starting on January 12

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The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Russian President Vladimir Putin have urged for a ceasefire in Libya starting on January 12, calling for the resumption of the political process.

In a joint statement by the two presidents after the inauguration of TurkStream project in Istanbul, Erdogan and Putin expressed commitment to the sovereignty of Libya, expressing support for Berlin conference and hoping it brings about tangible results.

Russia and Turkey are known as allies, yet they are on different sides in Libya, as Moscow supports Khalifa Haftar with covert assistance via Wagner Group mercenaries who achieved advances for Haftar’s forces they couldn’t do in months, Ankara supports the Presidential Council’s government in public and speaks out of its opposition to Haftar and his aggression on Tripoli.

Libya and Turkey signed two MoUs on November 27 for military and security as well as maritime cooperation.

Via Libya Observer

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