Europe Votes: Finland, the projections

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This is a summary of Politico’s projections of the voting today in Finland:

Finland – The Projections

If the turnout of 39.14% is maintained in this vote, Politico predicts KOK will beat second-placed PS by 57,696 votes. That is just 2.13% of the 2,712,003 expected non-voters.

Finland – The Issues

European elections hardly come at a propitious time, especially as Finland assumes the chairmanship of the EU from July 1.

The centre-left Social Democrats are leading the government talks but the populist Finns party are ahead in the polls for the European vote, which would be a further breakthrough after they almost collapsed two years ago. Polls have shown a low level of interest in the European election and turnout is forecast to be poor. (FT)

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