ESF+ invests nearly €205 million to reinforce Malta’s human capital

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The European Commission has approved Malta’s national programme for implementing the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) to foster the socioeconomic situation of the country in the period of 2021-2027 by creating opportunities for all. The programme will invest nearly €205 million (€124.5 from the EU and €80.5 from the national budget) to strengthen national employment, education and the health and social sectors by improving and adapting services in response to new and emerging needs. It will make a major contribution to reinforcing Malta’s human capital, which remains the country’s most important resource.  

The largest share of the budget (€53,5 million) is dedicated to enhancing the quality and inclusiveness of education, training and lifelong learning. Strategic priorities include reducing early-school leaving and addressing skills shortages through innovative teaching methods and digital learning tools, inclusive education of vulnerable children – such as those with disabilities – and education and lifelong learning in key areas, including the green and digital transition. 

A further €24.3 million will support jobseekers and create employment opportunities, with a focus on hiring incentives for vulnerable people, integrated pathways for the low-skilled and long-term unemployed, the promotion of gender equality and dedicated youth employment measures. The new Aim, Learn, Master, Achieve (ALMA) initiative for disadvantaged young people not in employment, education or training will also help their integration into the job market and society. 

Around €40 million will support social inclusion of the most vulnerable, material aid for the most deprived and social innovation. Examples include enabling services to close the employment gap for persons with disabilities and anti-discrimination measures to facilitate the integration of migrants. In addition, Malta will invest in its health, long-term care and social protection systems by providing training to workers and rolling out health research and awareness-raising campaigns. 

These ESF+ investments will help people to benefit from their social rights and support Malta in achieving its 2030 social targets for employment, adult learning and poverty reduction under the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan.

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