EU agenda

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Here are the latest events in the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council

Tuesday 18 January:  MEPs will choose Parliament’s next President on Tuesday through remote voting. An absolute majority of votes, cast by secret vote, i.e. 50% plus one, is needed to be elected

Wednesday 19 January: MEPs will discuss with French President Emmanuel Macron the political strategy and aims of France’s six-month Presidency of the Council of the EU. The French Presidency’s motto is “Recovery, Strength and a Sense of Belonging”.

Thursday 20 January: MEPs will debate and vote on how to improve animal welfare during transport, control live animal exports more effectively and limit the transport of young animals.

Friday 21 January: Following the conclusion of the work of two of the four European Citizens’ Panels, the Conference Plenary will now discuss the 90 recommendations in Strasbourg. Debates will cover “European democracy / Values and rights, rule of law, security” and “Climate change, environment / Health”.

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