EU Investment bank to provide €95 million to finance 40 climate action projects in Barcelona

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) will finance around 40 projects in Barcelona that aim to support climate change mitigation and adaptation in the city. To this end, the EU bank will provide €95 million to promote urban regeneration, with a focus on the environment but also on social inclusion and job creation to boost the economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

A significant portion of the EIB funding – up to 25% – will go towards investments to regenerate an area covering some 200 000 m2 across the city, reshaping urban design around the concept of “superblocks” to give residents better access to facilities in their neighbourhoods. This involves grouping buildings into blocks where traffic is only permitted around the perimeter and priority is given to pedestrian areas, low-speed zones and recreational green spaces. Barcelona actually declared a climate emergency in January 2020 and that the investments now being promoted are in line with the declaration’s objectives.

In addition to strengthening the city’s climate resilience, the projects financed under this agreement will promote social inclusion, with the EU bank funds also going to the construction and renovation of educational institutions such as nurseries and schools, sports facilities, a new library and care homes. Around 20 projects will target areas within the city classified as vulnerable. All new social infrastructure will come in the form of nearly zero-energy buildings.

The financing provided by the EU bank will also support initiatives to improve energy efficiency, which has been a top priority for the Municipality of Barcelona in recent years. These include initiatives to improve the electricity consumption of public lighting and of municipal buildings and facilities. Improvements will also be made to urban bus lines and cycle lanes across the city.

At the same time, these investments will help boost the economic recovery following the crisis caused by COVID-19, employing 1 500 people during the construction phase.

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