EU revises state aid rules for cross-border projects

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BRUSSELS, Nov 25 (Reuters) – The European Commision said on Thursday it was revising state aid rules for cross-border European projects that enable breakthrough innovation in key sectors and technologies as well as infrastructure investments.

In a revision that could be used to boost the European semiconductor sector, the Commission said it would apply to “important projects of common European interest” from the start of 2022.

The cross-border initiatives should contribute significantly to EU strategies, notably to accelerate the economy’s green and digital transitions.

The Commission said the projects must ordinarily involve at least four EU members and be transparent and inclusive, giving others the possibility of participating. They should also seek to involve small and medium sized enterprises.

The projects should deliver significant positive spill-over effects, while state aid would remain subject to strong safeguards to ensure it is limited to what is necessary and to prevent distortions of competition, the Commission said.

(Reporting by Philip Blenkinsop)

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