Euro 2020 – Who qualified?

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Euro 2020 takes place in June 2020, but we will soon know most of the teams that have booked their place in the competition.

The tournament, which is being held in venues across Europe, will feature a total of 24 competitors, with some of the game’s heavyweights expected to feature.

A total of 20 teams – the top two teams in each of the 10 groups – will qualify automatically for Euro 2020.

These are the teams that qualified for the Euro2020.

  • England (Group A): 10th appearance
  • Czech Republic (Group A): Seventh appearance
  • Ukraine (Group B): Third appearance
  • Spain (Group F): 11th appearance
  • Sweden (Group F): Seventh appearance
  • Poland (Group G): Fourth appearance
  • France (Group H): 10th appearance
  • Turkey (Group H): Fifth appearance
  • Belgium (Group I): Sixth appearance
  • Russia (Group I): 12th appearance
  • Italy (Group J): 10th appearance
  • Finland (Group J): Zero appearances


Play offs 

As well as the 20 teams who qualify for the competition by finishing in the top two of the 10 groups, there will be four teams who qualify via the play-offs.

A total of 16 teams will be involved in the play-off stage and their place was achieved through the UEFA Nations League – though the identity of the teams is subject to change.

These will be decided by the play-offs but this is where it gets interesting  – those awarded play-off places are not decided during qualifying but from the Uefa Nations League tournament.

The four group winners from each league in the Uefa Nations League, are already assured of a play-off place. They are:

  • League A: Switzerland, Portugal, Holland and England
  • League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark and Sweden
  • League C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia and Finland
  • League D: Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus

Should any of these teams earn automatically qualify for the tournament through the Euro 2020 qualifying phase, their play-off place will be passed onto the next best-ranked side from their League – for example, Belgium is next in line for League A, Russia for B, Bulgaria in C and Luxembourg in D.

If there are less than four teams that are yet to qualify from a League then the spots are filled with sides from another League in accordance with the Uefa Nations League rankings – but group winners will not be moved up into a play-off with a higher League.

The draw for the play-offs will be held on November 22, 2019 with matches then taking place in March 2020.

Rank Path A Rank Path B
1 TBC 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rank Path C Rank Path D
1 Scotland 1 Georgia
2 Norway 2 TBC
3 TBC 3 Kosovo
4 TBC 4 Belarus

Via UEFA / The Guardian / The Sun 


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