Europe Votes: Denmark, the projections

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This is a summary of Politico’s and FT projections of the voting today in Denmark:

Denmark – The Projections

If turnout of 56.32% is maintained in this vote, Politico predicts the S(A) will beat second-placed Venstre(V) by 173,211 votes. That is 9.29% of the 1,864,635 expected non-voters.

The S(A) is expected to win 5 seats. Total number of seats is 13.


Denmark – The Issues

Denmark votes in national elections less than two weeks after the European polls, meaning that EU issues are being overshadowed by local matters.

Support for the nationalist Danish People’s Party has fallen to a seven-year low amid signs that voters are growing less anxious about the number of immigrants in their country.

The Eurosceptic and populist Danish People’s party (O) – which has flirted with both the centre-right and centre-left nationally – is doing poorly in the polls, which are led by the traditional group of power, the Social Democrats.

In part, that is due to them taking a harder line on immigration. Many looked at Denmark as the next domino to fall after Brexit, but the Danes have become more pro-EU in recent months. (FT/Bloomberg)

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