Europe Votes: Greece, the Exit Polls, the projections (Updated)

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In Greece, the conservative opposition New Democracy party is the projected winner, according to exit polls. New Democracy is projected to win 32% to 36% of the vote, compared to 25% to 29% for the ruling left-wing Syriza.

The extreme right Golden Dawn and the Communist party are expected to get between 5% and 7% each. (DW)


This is a summary of Politico’s and FT projections of the voting today in Greece:

Greece – The Projections

Polls show the left-wing Syriza government of Alexis Tsipras, which came first in the European elections in 2014 and went on to win two general elections in 2015, lagging behind the centre-right New Democracy party (ND)

If turnout of 59.97% is maintained in this vote, Politico and FT predict ND will beat second placed SYRIZA by 495,783 votes. That is just 11.83% of the 4,191,523 expected non-voters.

Greece elects 21 MEPs.

Greece – The Issues

The European elections are seen as a test run for a general election due to be held in October. The country has emerged from a decade-long recession but with unemployment still above 18 per cent and an unprecedented exodus of skilled young workers to other EU countries, job creation will be the primary issue at both elections. – FT/Politico

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