Europe Votes: Italy, the projections – Exit Polls (Updated)

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Exit Polls

Salvini’s Lega Nord is expected to get between 31% and 27%. The PD anything between 21% and 25% while the M5s anything between 18.5% and 22.5%.


This is a summary of Politico’s and FT projections of the voting today in Italy:


Italy – The Projections

If turnout of 57.22% is maintained in this vote, Politico predicts that LN will beat second-placed M5S by 2,347,697 votes. That is just 10.11% of the 23,213,554 expected non-voters.

Italy – The Issues

Intra-coalition rivalry between Italy’s ruling parties, the anti-immigration League (Lega) and the populist Five Star Movement (M5S), is turning the May elections into a proxy contest for national polls.

Salvini hopes to solidify the party’s gains in opinion polls, and further demonstrate he has built a political machine that extends far beyond his party’s northern Italian separatist roots which possibly doesn’t rely on M5s.

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