Europe Votes: Slovenia, the projections

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This is a summary of Politico’s projections for the voting today in Slovenia:

Slovenia – The Projections

If turnout of 24.55% is maintained in this vote, Politico predicts SDS-SLS will beat second-placed SD by 14,517 votes. That is just 1.11% of the 1,308,785 expected non-voters. A coalition led by the SDS, which is affiliated with the centre-right EPP, looks likely to lead in the polls.

Slovenia – The Issues

The May vote will be the fourth time in 18 months that Slovenians head to the polls. Right-wing Slovenian Democratic party (SDS) leader Janez Jansa is likely to take an anti-migration stance, as he did in his 2018 campaign for premier with the support of Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

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