Eurovision Contest predictions – According to Google Malta and the Netherlands top the charts

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Google has dug up search data from across the competing countries, giving it a good idea of where the most votes might go, The Sun reports.

Google has examined searches for countries’ contestants to see who is attracting the most interest. But to make it fair, Google has excluded search interest from a competing country’s own citizens.

According to Google, the top spot is almost certainly going to Duncan Laurence, who represents the Netherlands.

“If you look at which contestants people are searching for – awarding Eurovision-style points based on search activity for other countries’ contestants – you’d find that the Netherlands is currently projected to win, followed by Russia and Italy,” Google explained.

Google also reckons it’s clocked who has the most consistent pattern of searching (and perhaps voting) for each other. It might come as no surprise find out that it’s neighbouring nations Cyprus and Greece who top the chart.

Google has also compared its search data with YouTube’s – and the results are different. According to YouTube, the country with the most YouTube views related to Eurovision is Italy, followed by Malta and the Netherlands.


But if you exclude a country’s own views, it turns out that Malta is in the top spot.

Via The Sun 



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