Faith, hope and charity

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Many political leaders around the world have declared their countries ‘at war’ with the coronavirus. The power of that the message may not resonate with the same effect in countries which, like Malta, do not have a pronounced military tradition.

In fact, the notion of war in Malta is more likely to conjure up images of life under siege, tapping into our collective memory of the two outstanding fighting events that continue to shape our national identity. The difference in emphasis between ‘war’ and ‘siege’ is striking: going to war is an all-out attack against an enemy; to be under siege means to defeat an intrusive threat.

In the past month we as a nation have banded together to shelter each other from the raids of coronavirus. Business leaders were on the frontline with trade unions and professional associations to come up with concrete proposals and offer expert advice. Political leaders and media houses toned down the battle of wits we have come to expect between them and are ceaselessly working together to double down on disinformation and keep the public in the know.

Communities have been quick to recognise siege heroes – people who act with valour to improve the situation of others. And there has been no shortage of professionals and other individuals who have gone out of their way to make sure that necessities are provided without disruption and arising needs served with dignity.

In the face of the devastating outbreak, Malta’s siege narrative lends itself perfectly. Like the humble Gloster Gladiators that in World War II saw off wave after wave of the formidable Italian air fighters, our nation is meeting the coronavirus challenge with faith, hope and charity.

On this day, two years ago, round about this time, Corporate Dispatch shared its first post. It started as a blog relaying foreign news. It was the corner-stone of a transformation process which Corporate Identities embarked to become an advisory firm built around communications, inspired by the vision to be a ‘lighthouse’ when ‘disruption’ was a buzz-word used in various fields.

The past two years saw it grow, and so did Corporate Identities, which evolved into CiConsulta and part of the Corporate ID GroupTrue to the over-all mission of the activities we carry, the team behind all our activities is committed to create greater social value, by being enablers of meaningful communities through meaningful communications.

We believe in the media, and ensured that we complement and support the local media wherever required.

We teamed up with the Faculty of Social Wellbeing to become their voice in their work and formed Societas.Expert. We teamed up with Bugeja Geopolitics Consulting to form Diplomatique.Expert. We also entered into an agreement with The Synapse to provide the Medica.Expert. The last piece will be the Economia.Expert, which will be launched in the coming days.

These all form part of the Corporate Dispatch pro. We provided our professional service to a myriad of important companies in Malta. We helped them building and creating brand equity by harnessing their human, social, technological and corporate identity’s equities. We engaged with all major stakeholders on the island, namely the Chamber of Commerce, Malta Employers Association, SME Business Chamber, GWU, Office of the President, Dar tal-Providenza, Fondazzjoni Sebħ and more, to see how we can make this island a better place for all its elements.

These are testing times for everyone. I for first, always believed that Malta is part of a greater world and what happens here then to happen abroad, and what happens abroad tend to come here. Covid-19 pandemic attests to this.

Our commitment is to be there where required. In view of this, our service will be further strengthened to all our stakeholders, through our timely advice, fact-checked information delivering a local perspective with a global outlook.

As we start another week together and try to keep our routines in place, let as act in the faith that our unified determination is greater than the chaos of the pandemic. Let us make the right decisions to rebuild hope in human integrity. Let us live in charity towards one another so that we may all share in the abundance of wellbeing that awaits us when the siege is lifted.

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