Family economic situation doesn’t hinder 8 year old Pedro from collecting his own Panini World Cup Stickers collection

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Brazilian child Pedro, like probably all Brazilian children live and dreams football. The eight year old child, however comes from a relatively poor family which can’t afford the luxury to buy and collect the famous Panini World Cup collection.

However, this fact doesn’t limit the creative child from having his own collection.



Pedro used his creativity and decided to draw, in his own way, his favourite champions.

From Neymar to Messi, passing through Marcelo and Casemiro, Pedro drew 126 figurines on the 628 of the album, also reproduced faithfully in a notebook.

The story of Pedro has conquered everyone and even the Panini has decided to promise a prize. In all likelihood, the child will receive a complete album of all the stickers, but with a special edition: the addition of the figurine dedicated to him.


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