Fears of another breakout of coronavirus on a Norwegian ship

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The ship Seadream 1 docks in Bodo, Norway, 05 August 2020.

There is a suspicion of a COVID19 infection on board the Norwegian passenger ship ship Seadream 1.

This is the third cruise ship in less than a week in Norway were there was a coronavirus outbreak.

Norwegian authorities carried out tests on the 85 crew members for the virus on 05 August 2020.

The local municipality, Bodø, is not permitting the crew or passengers to go ashore, according to the mayor.

Local and national official in Norway are taking the situation seriously.

At a press conference last Friday, the Norwegian minister of health said that the government of Norway is tightening the rules for cruise ships, so that passengers on ships with more than 100 people on board are no longer allowed to go ashore.

This order was issued after the COVID-19 breakout four days ago on the Hurtigruten expedition ship, the M/S/ Roald Amundsen, where 36 crew members and at least 8 guests tested positive.

The cruise ship Paul Gauguin also reported that it has a case of the virus on board during a cruise in French Polynesia.

Via EPA-EFE/Sondre Skjelvik

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