FELTOM Welcomes News of New Airline But Voices Concerns About Diminished Connectivity

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The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta (FELTOM) expressed its satisfaction with the news that Malta will retain an independent national airline, whilst also welcoming the long-awaited announcement of the launch of a new national air carrier in 2024.

FELTOM views this recent development as a positive step in preserving Malta’s connectivity and enhancing its economic prospects. The new national airline is poised to, not only catalyse growth, but also serve as a vital contributor to Malta’s overall economic prosperity.   As a national air carrier, it holds a unique position in fostering the interests of our nation’s advancement and development.

Nevertheless, FELTOM wishes to express its concerns about certain aspects of this development, particularly, the decline in specific flight routes and available aircraft. The English language teaching sector and Malta’s tourism industry, heavily rely on robust airline connections, and the sustainability of our growth depends significantly on strengthening this connectivity. The discontinuation of the Lisbon route, a crucial connecting hub  for South American travellers, is a matter of particular concern.

Furthermore, there remain unanswered questions regarding the national carrier’s potential participation in airline alliances, and whether suitable arrangements have been made to accommodate unaccompanied minors, a historically essential service for young solo travellers.  

FELTOM remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborating with all relevant stakeholders at such a pivotal moment, to address these concerns in order to ensure a positive outcome that benefits all parties involved.

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