Malta: Financial services contribute 90% to FDI in 2020

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The Financial services industry contributed to over 90% of total Foreign Direct Investment Flows in 2020. These totalled €196.2 billion, an increase of €3.4 billion over the year before.

According to data released by the National Statistics Office today, in December 2020, the stock position of FDI amounted to €196.2 billion, an increase of €8.3 billion over the corresponding period of the previous year. Financial and insurance activities accounted for 97.6 per cent of FDI stocks in December 2020.

The remaining FDI resulted from the ICT, accommodation and manufacturing industry, totaling together less than 9.5%.

During 2020, direct investment flows abroad totalled €6.3 billion, mainly in the form of claims on direct investors. The stock position of direct investment abroad stood at €58.8 billion in December 2020, down by €0.9 billion from the stock position in 2019.

Malta’s key source for FDI is the EU, with Germany normally accounting for the lion’s share of the flow.

Image via Unsplash – Karl Baldacchino

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