Tension in Comino as Graffiti holds protest / Malta News Briefing – Saturday 13 August

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Tensions flare as Graffiti mounts protest on Comino

A tense morning on the island of Comino as Moviment Graffiti mounted another protest against what it describes as an occupation of the bay, coming into confrontation with a heavy police presence. Graffiti argues that commercial interests have overrun Comino and wants deckchairs and umbrellas being restricted to 30 per cent of the Blue Lagoon, with operators only setting them up when asked to by a paying client. They also want a ban on large boats and a limit of two kiosks.

Chamber lambasts Government on AirMalta

In a strongly-worded statement, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry said that the termination packages for Air Malta employees “appear to be absurdly high and illustrative of how the bargaining power of overly protected groups results in unfair outcomes for the country as a whole”. The business lobby reiterated the strategic importance of having a national airline that is run efficiently to ensure its long-term viability. It is clear that there is no other way that this can be achieved without shedding hundreds of Airmalta’s employees. A similar position was taken earlier this week by the Malta Employers Association.

Kristy Debono gets tribunal post

Former PN MP Kristy Debono has been appointed to the financial services tribunal by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana. She will be serving as a substitute to another member by minister Clyde Caruana. The tribunal functions as a court although it is separate and distinct from the Court of Justice. In a similar appointment, Frank Psaila, a former Director of Information and MEP Candidate, was appointed on two government committees.

Morning Briefing

Ryan Schembri denied bail:

An ex-colleague said in court that Ryan Schembri, the former CEO of More Supermarkets, had the appearance of a “rising star” with numerous, solid business connections and was thus a trustworthy individual to invest with. When testifying against Schembri on Friday, Darren Casha, a local businessman with deep ties to the catering sector, said that Schembri gave off the impression that “your money was safe with him.” Since his arraignment in April, Schembri has been held in preventive custody. He is pleading not guilty to charges of fraud and money laundering that are anticipated to total tens of millions of euros.

Sea almost 3°C warmer than the norm in July:

The sea felt warmer than usual in July because the surface temperature was over 3°C higher than usual, the Meteorological Office said. The mean sea surface temperature for July was 2.7°C higher than average at 27.9°C, and it was 1.2°C higher than what was anticipated for August. The Meteorological Office at Malta International Airport’s statistics show that the sea around Malta is getting warmer and warmer.

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