France’s Macron seeks to name new government in early July

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French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to name a new government in early July, possibly including members from outside his political party, according to an interview with AFP.

Macron has asked Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to propose a new “government of action” at the end of next week and confirmed his confidence in Borne over the long term, AFP said in a Twitter post.

The president rejected Borne’s offer to resign Tuesday, in the wake of a stinging election defeat last week in which he lost his absolute majority in parliament.

Macron has not renounced his planned pension reform, which he said will entail “working longer as all our neighbours do,” according to the interview.

Another reform will be focused on “full employment.”

Under pressure to build compromises, Macron has sought to reach out to political opponents, asking them to come up with ideas for the fragmented parliament to legislate.

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