French tycoon Bernard Tapie attacked in violent burglary

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Former French minister and scandal-ridden tycoon Bernard Tapie, the former owner of Adidas, was attacked along with his wife during a night-time burglary of their home near Paris, police said.

The couple were asleep when four men broke into their house in Combs-la-Ville near Paris around 00:30 AM (2230 GMT Saturday) on Sunday, beat them and tied them up with electrical cords before making off with their loot.

Dominique Tapie managed to free herself and made her way to a neighbour’s home, where she was able to call the police. Slightly injured from several blows to the face, she was taken to hospital for a check-up but was expected to be released quickly. 

“She is doing well,” Tapie’s grandson Rodolphe Tapie told AFP.

Tapie himself, who is 78, received a blow to the head with a club, prosecutor Beatrice Angelelli told AFP, but he declined to be taken into medical care.

“My grandfather refused to be taken away,” Rodolphe Tapie said. “He is shattered, very tired. He was sitting on a chair when he was hit with a club.”

The burglars made off with two watches, including a Rolex, earrings, bracelets, and a ring, according to a source close to the investigation.

Main Photo: French tycoon Bernard Tapie (C)

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