From Ratzinger to Bergoglio, Scicluna at the forefront of the fight on Child Abuse

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The Catholic News Agency (Italian edition) reports that Archbishop Scicluna stands out as one of the clergymen who are fighting in the forefront to stem the scandal of child abuse. Pope Francis also sent him to Chile to continue investigations into the abuses and coverings of the same by bishops and Chilean clergy since last June. He is the prelate who more than any other has accumulated experience in combating the scourge of child abuse. From Benedetto to Francesco.

“I have little to say to young people who have been abused. I prefer to cry with them. Silence and crying are the first answer. Then there is a great thirst for truth and justice, which is not incompatible with mercy, but empty mercy, which does not respect the truth, does not serve “. This was what the Archbishop of Malta had underlined during a briefing in the Press Room for Synod 2018, talking about sexual abuse.

Monsignor Scicluna is one of the members of the organizing committee of the world meeting “The protection of minors in the Church”, desired and decided by Pope Francis from 21 to 24 February at the Vatican.

The Archbishop commented that, with his decision to convene all the presidents of the Episcopal Conferences to talk about the issue of abuse, Pope Francis did nothing other than “implement” the line already implemented by Benedict XVI, when he asked in 2011, with a circular letter to the Episcopal Conferences of the whole world, to “adopt guidelines” for the response to abuse.


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