Garden in Milan dedicated to sisters who created  Diabolik character

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The municipality of Milan is dedicating the garden in Piazza Grandi to sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, creators of the iconic Diabolik character, the criminal anti-hero who was the protagonist of a recent film of the same name.

The ceremony is set to take place on June 15.

Angela and Luciana in 1962 invented Diabolik, whose 60th anniversary is being celebrated this year. June 10 was also an important date for Astorina, given that it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Angela Giussani (1922-1987).

(FILES) A file photo of Luciana Giussani, one of the sister of a pair of cartoonists who created one of Italy’s best-loved cartoon characters, Diabolik. Giussani died 31 March 2001 in Milan after a long illness. Luciana’s sister Angela died in 1987. The two sisters created Diabolik, a masked antihero modelled on the pre-war French character Fantomas, in 1962. Diabolik comic books are still very popular. EPA PHOTO ANSA/FILES/MAURIZIO VIALE

As part of the celebrations three monthly magazines (a previously unpublished Diabolik, out on the first day of the month, and reprints of Diabolik R, out on June 10 and Diabolik Swiisss on June 20) will include 16 extra pages dedicated to photos of the “mother” of Diabolik and recollections of those who knew her.

The seventh edition of Diabolik Magnum was also be published on June 10 with the title “Cento volte in gioco”.   

The never published ‘Diamanti nei diamanti’ will be out on July 1 while on July 8 the extraordinary reprint of one of the most loved episodes, ‘Diabolik, chi sei?’ (1968), has been scheduled.

Together with the comic will be included two ‘diabolik’ poker decks of playing cards with designs by Riccardo Nunziati.


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