Germans’ increase in demand in pasta deliveries from Italy force Aldi sending special trains to be able to stock up

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Germany ‘fears’ of being left without pasta due to the coronavirus emergency, so much so that the supermarket chain of the Aldi brand is sending special trains to Italy to be able to stock up.

“Several special trains have already brought over 60,000 packs of fusilli, over 75,000 packs of penne and 250,000 packets of spaghetti from Italy to Nuremberg, as their first delivery ”, reads a statement released by Aldi.

Pasta demand has increased in Germany during this period and the supermarket chain explains that it is having difficulty meeting them. Schenker, the logistics department of the German railways Deutsche Bahn, explained that it had already taken over two hundred tons of pasta in ten trucks on more than 300 pallets.

Long-lasting foods such as pasta are currently in great demand. “In addition to the high demand, the difficult general conditions represent a great challenge – reads the note from the German supermarket – in particular the reduced transport capacity. One of our main suppliers is in Nola, in the province of Naples.

The trucks transport the goods from the factory to northern Italy, where it continues on railway rails. Transportation takes longer than usual: we no longer depend on a single carrier “- says Aldi.

The company said the trucks were also used to introduce supplies, which were brought to the city of Nuremberg and then distributed to 650 Aldi stores.

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