GO Launches Secure Net For Safer and More Secure Internet Experience

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GO’s home internet and mobile internet now, are not only fast, reliable and robust but safer and more secure as GO launches its Secure Net product bringing increased security on both fixed home internet, as well as mobile internet.

“We know how important safety and security is to our customers because it is something that we too value highly as a company. Keeping our customers connected, with the peace of mind that their experience is safe, but more importantly, their family members are safe from harmful content, is another step forward in ensuring that everyone can actively participate in a digital society,” explained Alison Mercieca, Senior Manager, Marketing at GO.

“This peace of mind cannot be restricted to a fixed internet connection only. Many of our customers enjoy the freedom of mobile internet, even more so today with the onset of remote working, and being constantly on the move, therefore having their mobile internet experience protected too was very important to us. Today, all our customers can use the GO network, safely and securely,” she added.

GO Secure Net automatically identifies and blocks fraudulent websites, significantly reduces the risk of malware, viruses, phishing attacks, cyberattacks or other threats. All devices connected to a home network will be automatically protected once GO Secure net is installed. Another interesting feature that this product offers is parental control, which allows parents or authorised users to block access to websites containing unsuitable content for minors.

“Installing and managing this product is extremely simple and is available for both residential and business customers from the GO App. GO secure net is usually offered at a minimal fee of 0.99c monthly, however as an introductory offer, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that a secure online experience brings with it for absolutely FREE, for 1 year. Customers can opt out from this add-on at any time,” concluded Ms Mercieca.

For further information on GO Secure Net, visit www.go.com.mt.

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