GO Restores Service Following Major Fibre Cut By Third Party Contractor

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Further to the damage to our fibre infrastructure earlier today caused by an unrelated third party, we are pleased to update that most services were restored by 13.15hrs. Works are still underway and we expect these to be completed by 20.00hrs. 

We fully appreciate how frustrating such disruptions are to our customers, especially during these difficult times when many of us are fully reliant on connectivity to get through the daily activities, whether its work, study, entertainment or remaining connected to family or friends. 

We too are frustrated because such incidents prevent us from delivering the service we want and the service our customers deserve.  Whilst we can control our actions, it is difficult to control that of others.  The fact that there are consistently numerous ongoing developments means that our infrastructure is at constant risk of damage.

We undertake every effort to ensure that our infrastructure is adequately marked to prevent such incidents. It is also unfortunate that despite prior agreements, such contractors do not always honour the agreed plans. The consequences are significant, both for us as the service provider, as well as for you, our esteemed customers. We will be taking action. 

We thank our multiple teams – who are our heroes in these situations, who despite going above and beyond in their day jobs, drop everything at the first sign of damage, work tirelessly, whether behind the scenes or on site and do not stop until the issue is resolved, whether it’s a week day, weekend, day or night, because yes, our customers do matter, and we do everything we can to keep you connected, no matter what. 

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