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Government, Unions, Schools reach deal: students back to school on Monday

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A joint press statement between Government, the MUT and representatives of Church and Independent Schools confirmed that all students will be back in their classrooms on Monday and the teachers’ strike has been called off. This followed a meeting attended by the same organisations, educational authorities as well as Health Superintendent Prof Charmaine Gauci.

Government said the existing protocols, including contact tracing, would be enchanced and also pledged to give priority to school staff in its vaccination programme. It also said that re-assurance was given by health authorities that the dispersion of the virus actually decreased with schools open, as families were less likely to take part in other social activities.

In a separate statement, the MUT welcomed the agreement but maintained the right to take any measure if educators and students were put at risk.

The strike had been called on Wednesday, a day before students were scheduled to return to school. At that point, the MUT said that its request to take lessons scheduled on Thursday and Friday online was refused by Government.

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