Fashion retailer Guess in the crosshairs of Banksy ire amid copyright row

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Banksy seems to have told his fans to steal clothes from a designer brand after accusing it of copyright theft.

The anonymous street artist called on “all shoplifters” to go to Guess’s Regent Street outlet in London, after it released a collection that incorporates some of his most famous graffiti paintings.

“They’ve helped themselves to my artwork without asking, how can it be wrong for you to do the same to their clothes?” Banksy asked in a post on Instagram on Friday afternoon.

ecurity guards were seen shutting the shop less than an hour after the post, which attracted more than 600,000 likes.

Employees removed artwork advertising the collection from the windows, as customers were told to put all items they had not purchased yet back on the shelves before leaving.

One witness told The Telegraph staff were “flustered” as they rushed to strip mannequins of clothes from the collection.

“There were staff reaching through with plastic scrapers and they were scraping off the Banksy sign from the inside of the window,” he said.

“It did not seem planned and it seemed like a panicked, ad hoc situation where they were shutting the shop.”

Guess’s 34-item autumn and winter collection, a collaboration with graffiti clothing company Brandalised, was unveiled on Nov 3 and remains available to buy online.

It ranges in price from £35 for a T-shirt to £230 for a faux fur coat with Banksy’s Flying Balloon Girl mural printed on the back.

Other items available include a £140 handbag and a £100 faux fur vest, both of which also feature the Flying Balloon Girl.

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