Heatwave…in Alaska

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The state of Alaska in the United States more commonly associated with cold weather is currently passing through a heatwave. Weather forecasters says it’s only getting hotter over the next few days and Anchorage could even match the all-time record.

The National Weather Service expects these high temperatures to get even hotter over the next few days. Forecasts show that the Fourth of July and Friday are expected to be the warmest.

The blast of heat is being caused by a high-pressure ridge of air that is blanketing the state.

The extreme temperatures come after a record dry June for Alaska and the warmest June on record for the state, he added. The northernmost state’s hot spell also comes on the heels of a heat wave that baked Western Europe and shattered records in France, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

In general, high temperatures across the state will be 10-20 degrees above normal for early July.

The above normal temperatures and extremely dry weather have led the Anchorage Fire Department to cancel all fireworks shows in Anchorage, Eagle River and surrounding areas, the Associated Press (AP) reports. Independence Day celebration fireworks were originally planned in Eagle River for Wednesday night and in Anchorage on Thursday.


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