He’s only human after all… but in his humanity is greatness

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by Diletta Costanzo 

He doesn’t bang his fists on the table. He doesn’t raise his voice in public. He works and does things away from the cameras.

He found himself having to manage Italy just before “the end of the world”, alongside a government that does not have half of his academic abilites and an opposition that does everything it can to minimise his efforts.

Yet he gives everyone the chance to have their say, defusing for the first time that fussy right / left separation that has damaged Italians so much over the decades.

Not only has he found a way to bring out all the illegal work of Italy by granting contributions to all, but he is convincing those “all” that “the state” is this, that “the state” is there, and it is the only one that can save you.

He gets help from everyone. He even wins over Putin’s esteem. Europe is following it, state after state.

As a leader. As a statesman. He spoke gracefully before, firmly after, intransigently now.

And when Germany hesitated to assist he literally went and spoke to Germans on their televisions, and the pages of the country’s newspapers.

Circumventing politics, he spoke directly to the Germans, obscuring Merkel’s authority for the first time.

Then a few days ago, after thousands of interviews and speeches and speeches to the nation, when he took part in an interview on “Accordi e disaccordi” on Canale 9, at one moment he was asked a simple questionperhaps unexpected for him.

Giuseppe Conte’s humanity comes out… He loses tone, frowns, holds something back between one word and another. The journalists who were live during the broadcast, were somewhat lost, and when they understand what was going on, it was too late: like their viewers, they assist helplessly to the nation’s Prime Minister who gives in to the emotion, who represses a sob, the mask of ‘strength’ for moment slips, and he lets go showing his fatigue, his apprehension, the weight of his decisions, the pain for the defeated Italians, the fear of the future of his country.

An emotional image, if you think of the multitude of masks that have covered its institutional role over the past 40 years.

Perhaps we are experiencing one of the worst historical moments of the last century.

And at the same time, without realizing it, we are witnessing one of the most glorious political pages in the history of Italy since the departure of Sandro Pertini.

by Diletta Costanzo 

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