Hollywood stars urge Joe Biden to drop Kamala Harris

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A group of Hollywood Democrats, including major stars, has reportedly urged Joe Biden to drop Kamala Harris as running mate.

CNN said the group voiced its doubts about the vice-president in a Zoom call with former California senator Barbara Boxer.

Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt, actor Ron Livingston and Beverly Hills, 90210 star Gabrielle Carteris were on the call.

According to CNN, the group complained to Ms Boxer – who preceded Ms Harris in the Senate – that the vice -president was a political liability.

Ms Harris’s polling ratings remain negative, with 49.5 per cent of voters disapproving of her record and only 41.9 per cent supporting her, according to the Five Thirty Eight polling site.

It is not only Hollywood that has been lukewarm about Ms Harris remaining on the ticket.

In January, Massachusetts senator and former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was less than effusive about Ms Harris.

“I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team,” she said – much to the annoyance of the vice-president’s supporters.

“Pretty insulting”, one of Ms Harris’s supporters told CNN as Ms Warren, who rivalled Ms Harris for the 2020 nomination, tried to limit the damage.

Ms Warren’s spokesman said the remarks were a fumbling, unintentional attempt to avoid stepping on a campaign announcement from Mr Biden.

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