How Samsung is Bringing Meaning to Children in a Crime-Ridden Brazilian District

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On the outskirts of the southeastern Brazilian city of Campinas sits the crime-afflicted township of Itatinga, where many children grow up without access to proper education. Without the foundation of proper schooling, crime becomes an ever-present temptation and the children grow up with little hope for the future.

In an effort to help, Samsung Electronics’ Campinas factory is offering the youth of Itatinga apprenticeships that teach them skills, earn them valuable work experience, and start them on the road to a better future.

The Samsung factory in Campinas has been offering the ‘My First Apprenticeship’ program in partnership with local NGO CEPROMM since 2012.

Those accepted into apprenticeships work six hours a day, four days a week for 16 months, and are assigned tasks such as issuing employee ID cards, managing data and providing administrative assistance. At Samsung Electronics, the youths are afforded a chance to gain invaluable work experience and to start seeing themselves as valuable, contributing members of society.

Since the program began in 2012, 243 young people have worked at Samsung’s Campinas factory as part of the ‘My First Apprenticeship’ program. 23 of those apprentices are now fully-fledged employees of the company.

The ultimate goal of Samsung’s apprenticeship program in Campinas is to instill a sense of pride in young people, and to show them that they are valued individuals who are capable of chasing their dreams. Before her apprenticeship in Campinas, Samsung employee Tatiana Helena dos Santos received supplementary education from CEPROMM to equip her for the role.

With the efforts of Samsung’s Campinas factory attracting national attention and support, the company is now looking to expand its CSR projects in the region.

In addition to ‘My First Apprenticeship’, Samsung also currently operates the ‘My First Flight’ program, which offers people the chance to fly to the Brazilian capital for the first time. Additionally, the company is planning to roll out its ‘My First Job Training’ program, which will be centered around the hairdressing industry, in August of 2019.

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