Hugo Boss staff to only work Tues-Thurs in office even after coronavirus

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Hugo Boss will only require that many staff work in the office from Tuesday to Thursday even after the coronavirus pandemic, offering the option of remote working on Mondays and Fridays, the German fashion house announced.

Hugo Boss said it had taken the decision after an internal survey showed that most people felt less stressed working from home during the pandemic and had more time for their families, while managers were also very happy with the work done remotely.

“The future belongs to tailored combinations of office-based and off-site work,” said Jochen Eckhold, human resources director. “Our hybrid working model caters to employees’ growing desire for alternative scheduling and location options.”

The firm said three days in the office allows meetings and events to be scheduled more effectively, while boosting the group’s appeal as an employer and protecting the environment by reducing commuting.

The new schedule will initially be available from October to about 3,200 employees in Germany whose jobs do not require physical presence in the office, but Hugo Boss expects similar models to be adopted in its subsidiaries around the world.

Hugo Boss, known for its smart men’s suits, said earlier this month it expects demand for suits and formal wear to return as lockdowns ease even as it adjusts to the rising popularity of casual styles after sales tumbled 59% in the second quarter.

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