‘Hyper-cautious’ Mueller evidence results in political stalemate

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Washington was expecting a blockbuster. In reality, two polarised and packed rooms got a book they had already seen, read out loud.

Robert Mueller made clear from the outset that he wasn’t going to divert from the findings in his 448-page document and he didn’t.

He was laconic and undramatic. But more strikingly, he was hyper-cautious and haltering.

There were times when he couldn’t hear the questions and others when he looked blankly when asked about significant parts of his own investigation.

Though US President Donald Trump’s claim that he was “totally exonerated” by special counsel Robert Mueller was rejected by Mueller in the hearing on Wednesday.

Mueller said he had not exonerated Mr Trump of obstruction of justice.

However, Mr Trump criticised Mr Mueller’s performance and said: “This was a great day for me.”

Mr Mueller spent two years probing alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia but did not establish collusion in a crime.


Via Sky News

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