In the era of fake news, is April Fools’ Day funny anymore?

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On April Fools’ Day, real news organizations used to publish fake news.

april-fool-day-Images-with-quotes-free-download-580x363The Capital Times reported in 1933 that the dome had toppled off the Wisconsin statehouse. In 1977, The Guardian published a lengthy travel feature story on the fictional San Serriffe islands. PC/Computing magazine covered a fake bill banning the use of the internet while drunk in 1994.

But in 2018, April Fools’ Day feels different.

Read Daniel Funke’s article to discover the origins of the April Fools’ News and it’s validity today.

Daniel Funke covers fact-checking, online misinformation and fake news for the International Fact-Checking Network at The Poynter Institute. The article appeared Poynter.


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