Increase in fines and confiscation of motor vehicles amongst stiffer sanctions in Italy

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The Italian government on Tuesday approved stiffer sanctions for breaking lockdown rules, sources outside a cabinet meeting said.

The measures are expected to include 4,000 euro fines and the confiscation of motor vehicles, sources said.

We have approved the adoption of a decree law that also reorganizes the discipline of the measures that we are adopting in this emergency phase. Our structure did not foresee an emergency of this type”, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the press conference. “With this decree law, we have regulated relations between government and parliament more accurately and in a more transparent way. We expect that every initiative will be sent to the presidents of the chambers and that I will report every 15 days.”

“There has been discussion about the fact that the emergency would be extended until July 31, 2020: nothing true, absolutely not. In late January, we deliberated the state of national emergency, a moment after WHO decreed the emergency. a global epidemic. The emergency has been declared until July 31. It does not mean that the restrictive measures will be extended until July 31. “

“We are ready at any moment and we hope very soon to ease the grip of the restrictive measures and overcome them,” said Conte.

“There is no administrative stop for vehicles, only fines,” he later explained.

To those who asked him if the government is resorting to injunction in the event of a strike, the premier replied: “I am convinced that we will not achieve this because I have seen a sense of responsibility in the trade union world, we must protect the health of workers and that is why that we spent 18 hours with the unions in Chigi. De Micheli on fuels will adopt an order to ensure supplies in the peninsula. It is clear that at this moment we must oversee essential activities. “

“So far we have always followed the indications of the technical scientific committee, we have always followed their indications and never disregarded. We will continue to do so, at the moment there is no reason to change our way of counting the infected people and proceeding to tests, we have a line of maximum rigor and maximum transparency “.


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