Inter coach Antonio Conte falls victim to investment scam by Italian businessman with Malta links

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Inter coach Antonio Conte is claiming that he has fallen victim to an alleged scam, with money allegedly flowing through countries including Luxembourg and Malta.

The manager, has invested around 30 million euro with Massimo Bochicchio, the Corriere dello Sport, reports. The latter, had opened a new company just a few months before, a company which had minimal share capital, a suspicious state of play at the onset. However, the Italian businessman appears to have conned Conte with falsified documentation, claimining to manage an internationally-respected fund, Kidman Asset Management, backed by international bank HSBC.

The Inter coach was apparantely promised significant gains in a short time frame, but it all resulted in a scam: for months, Conte has been seeking back his lost monies – and with him, many others. While a British Court has already frozen the conman’s assets, efforts to seek redress have not been successful. In the past weeks, legal action has also been undertaken in Italy.

Meanwhile, an investigation by L’Espresso, has revealed that Bochicchio is no stranger to football related business affairs through companies setup in jursidictions which the newspaper describes as “tax havens”, including Malta, Luxembourg, the British Virgin Islands and others in the Caribbean.

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