Iran has infiltrated British Labour Party – MP

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Iran has “infiltrated” the British Labour Party, one of the party’s pro-Israel MPs has warned after journalists from its state broadcaster joined the party and then filmed a members-only meeting in her constituency.


The Telegraph

Press TV, which is banned from broadcasting in Britain, was able to film the moment a no confidence vote was passed against Joan Ryan because its journalists were permitted to join the Labour Party as a member several months ago, The Telegraph understands.

On Friday Ms Ryan, chairman of Labour Friends of Israel, demanded that Iranian propagandists from the news channel be ousted from the Party, describing their actions as “appalling” and “greatly concerning”.

Ms Ryan, a staunch critic of Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to stamp out anti-Semitism, said the Iranian broadcaster specifically targeted her because of her support for Israel, adding that their presence had been an “appalling infiltration”.

The Telegraph

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