Israel approves law to strip Arab attackers of citizenship

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Israel’s parliament has overwhelmingly approved a law to strip Arabs of their Israeli citizenship or residency if they are convicted in nationalistic attacks or give money to prisoners.

The law was passed by 94 votes to 10 by the hard-right coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and many opposition politicians, while Arab representatives voted against it.

It gives authorities the right to strip people of their citizenship or residency and deport them to either the West Bank or Gaza Strip.

The decision, which could potentially affect hundreds of Palestinian citizens and residents of Israel, was condemned as racist by Arab politicians as well as Palestinian officials in the occupied West Bank.

The vote follows months of deadly Israeli raids against militants in the West Bank and fatal Palestinian street attacks on Israelis.

The internationally recognised Palestinian Authority (PA) has long provided cash to the families of Palestinians killed or imprisoned for attacks on Israelis.

Prisoners are widely seen as heroes in Palestinian society, and the PA considers these payments as a form of welfare to needy families.

PHOTO: A Palestinian Hamas supporter attends a rally in Gaza City. EPA-EFE/HAITHAM IMAD

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