Italian government given green light by Parliament’s vote of confidence

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The new Italian government was approved in a vote of confidence on Monday evening after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte pledged that the new ruling coalition between the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD) “will be mild-mannered” in a thinly-veiled rebuked to his former colleague Matteo Salvini.

In his speech, Conte underlined that the country would seek to improve relations with Brussels to work towards building “a more solid, more inclusive Europe” and to change the bloc’s economic governance and migration policies.

“We cannot in the coming months waste our time with disputes and clashes,” Conte told lawmakers in Parliament. “We must be sober in our words and active in our deeds.”

“The language of this government will be mild-mannered because we understand that our actions will not be judged by the arrogance of our words,” he added.

The government won the vote of confidence with 343 votes in favour and 263 against.

Via Euronews / ANSA

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