Italian head teachers press for all-clear certificate for pupils

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The head of ANP, the Italian association of school head teachers, on Friday called on the government to make it obligatory for pupils returning from an absence of three days or more to present a doctor’s note certifying they have recovered.

Italy’s schools are set to reopen on Monday for the new academic year for the first time since they were closed early in March because of the coronavirus emergency.

Until a few years ago, parents had to obtain a doctor’s certificate if their child was absent for five days or more, but this obligation was scrapped.

“Today pupils return without a certificate,” said ANP President Antonello Giannelli.

“If a student is absent, the school does not know why.

“They could have the virus, but if a doctor has not examined them, then we have a return to school that is not the best.

“So the obligation for a certificate on return should be reintroduced, at least for three days of illness or more”.


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