Italian Singer Francesca Alotta reveals her fight with cancer

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Francesca Alotta, the singer who with Aleandro Baldi won Sanremo with “Non amarmi” shared her difficult experiences years both professionally and humanely while interviewed on Rai 1.

However the current journey lap hits hard as she confessed that she is fighting cancer: “It is yet another battle, when you risk your life you understand how precious it is. My friends will be with me in these months while I will be doing radiation therapy.”

Francesca shared her difficult moments, when in 1992 she was expecting a child and lost it when she found out that he had another relation. “He betrayed me while I was pregnant. I was alone in the hospital when I lost the baby. I found out that it was almost impossible for me to have a baby. It was complicated because I was born a mother, with a maternal instinct. “

She also shared her issues and lack of “luck” with the men.

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